Wrigleys "Flavor that Lasts" three flavours
Only $25.00

Campbell's Condensed Beef Soup - Camden NJ USA
Only $25.00

George A Kissel Trucks Four Models
Only $15.00

Klenzo Liquid Antiseptic by United Drug Company
Only $25.00

55 Ford Pick your Wagon
Only $25.00

April 1930 First Year of Publishing
Only $80.00

"Snorting Bull" 13th Fighter Squadron - Buy War Bonds
Only $45.00

"Cobra Connoneers" 93rd Fighter Squadron - Buy War Bonds
Only $45.00

Sunoco Motor Oil " where headed in 1922" Sun Oil
Only $25.00

Prince Albert the National Joy Smoke
Only $15.00

The Sala Regia in the Vatican, Rome


Artist: E. Chalhs

Circa: 1850

Printed by : W.L. Lietch

Print Type: Steel Engraving

Size: 6.75 x 10.5 inches

Text: NO

Reverse Side: Blank

Condition: Great Details with some foxing in margins.

Note: The words “Bills Fine Prints” is a electronic watermark an is not on the print.(J102)

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