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PRINT SIZE: 5 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches.
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1.   Commeline and Little Bindweed
Item No. 786-9658083
$75.00 1
2.   Common Purple Heather, Cornish Heath, Exotic Heath (SOLD)
Item No. 761-9658098
$55.00 0
3.   Gorse, Furze or Whin
Item No. 97-9658193
$55.00 1
4.   Holy Thistle and Creeping Cinque Foil
Item No. 232-9658092
$55.00 1
5.   Ivy-leaved Blue Bell and Mallows
Item No. 942-9658192
$75.00 1
6.   Lily of the Valley and Anemone
Item No. 30-9658042
$75.00 1
7.   Pansies
Item No. 220-9658053
$75.00 1
8.   Rose
Item No. 616-9658097
$45.00 1
9.   White Jasmine and Large Yellow Jasmine
Item No. 378-9658078
$65.00 1
10.   White Water Lily (SOLD)
Item No. 57-9658124
$60.00 0
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Louisa Anne Meredith
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Louisa Anne Meredith (20 July 1812 21 October 1895) was a English and Australian writer and illustrator.

Louisa Anne Meredith, the daughter of Thomas Twamley as his wife Louisa Anne (nee Meredith), was born near Birmingham, England on 20 July 1812. She was educated chiefly by her mother, and in 1835 published a volume, Poems, which was favorably reviewed. This was followed in 1836 by The Romance of Nature, mostly in verse, of which a third edition was issued in 1839. Another volume was published in the same year, The Annual of British Landscape Scenery, an account of a tour on the Wye from Chepstow to near its source at Plynlimon.

Shortly afterwards Miss Twamley was married to her cousin, Charles Meredith. Charles had emigrated to Van Dieman's Land in 1821 with his father George and family. They had been pioneers of grazing, whaling and other activities around Swansea on Tasmania's East Coast. Charles had become a squatter in the Canberra district of New South Wales

They sailed for New South Wales in June 1839, and arrived at Sydney on 27 September 1839. After travelling into the interior as far as Bathurst, Mrs Meredith returned to the coast and lived at Homebush for about a year. By the time of his return to New South Wales, severe economic depression caused by excessive land speculation had destroyed the value of Charles' property, and towards the end of 1840 they relocated to Tasmania. An interesting account of her first 11 years in Australia is given in her two books, Notes and Sketches of New South Wales (1844), reprinted at least twice, and My Home in Tasmania (1852), which was soon republished in the United States of America under the title Nine Years in Australia.

For much of her Mrs Meredith lived on properties around Swansea. In 1860 she published Some of My Bush Friends in Tasmania which contained elaborate full-colour plates printed by the new chromolithography process. The illustrations were drawn by herself, and simple descriptions of characteristic native flowers were given. In the following year an account of a visit to Victoria in 1856, Over the Straits, was published, and in 1880 Tasmanian Friends and Foes, Feathered, Furred and Finned. This went into a second edition in 1881. In 1891, in her eightieth year, Mrs Meredith went to London to supervise the publication of Last Series, Bush Friends in Tasmania. Published at the outset of a severe financial depression in the Australian colonies, this project and the collapse of the bank where most of her savings were held ruined her financially. She died at Melbourne on 21 October 1895 and was survived by sons Owen and George.

Mrs Meredith was the author of two novels, Phoebe's Mother (1869), which had appeared in the Melbourne weekly The Australasian in 1866 under the title of Ebba, and Nellie, or Seeking Goodly Pearls (1882).

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