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Home Extensive collection of Castles and Manor of Great Britain and Ireland from Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen . This collection was drawn by Alexander Francis Lydon who lived between 1836 – 1917. Prints are Wood Blocks , using between 8 – 12 colors done by Benjamin Fawcett. Edited by Rev. F.O.Morris .

Antique Prints of Stained Glass Windows. Prints dated 1844 from the Quarterly “Papers on Architecture by John Weale Published in London. The Architecture Prints in this collection are from churches such as the Temple Church, London, All Saints Church, York.


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1.   Burghley House - Marquis of Exeter
Item No. 589-9934558
$40.00 1
2.   Burton - Agnes Hall - Boynton, Baronet
Item No. 390-9934551
$40.00 1
3.   Charlecote - Lucy.
Item No. 759-9935075
$40.00 1
4.   Chatsworth - Duke of Devonshire
Item No. 205-9933622
$40.00 1
5.   Cranbury Park - Chamberlayne
Item No. 822-9935068
$40.00 1
6.   Decoration of Ceiling - Temple Church London
Item No. 832-155145824
$45.00 1
7.   Eaton Hall- Duke of Westminister.
Item No. 432-9933628
$40.00 1
8.   Emblem of the Trinity - St John Church
Item No. 341-155145806
$60.00 1
9.   Everingham Park - Lord Herries.
Item No. 614-9935081
$40.00 1
10.   Franks - Power.
Item No. 296-9935077
$40.00 1
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Quarterly Papers on Architecture by John Weale 1844
Castles and Manor Homes of Great Britain and Ireland by Rev. F.O.Morris 1880



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Engravings by Thomas Rowlandson 1756- 1827. From the tour “Search of Picturesque” of Dr. Syntax. London, engraved copper engravings about 1812. Original Hand Colored Prints. Good and interesting subject impressions. Thomas Rowlandson’s designs were usually done in outline with the reed-pen, and delicately washed with color.

A collection of Antique Prints by Florence K Upton . The antique prints are from Golliwoggs Bicycle Club publish in 1896 in London. Golliwoggs was second of 13 book series publish between 1895-1896. Florence K Upton was a American born English Cartoonist who lived between 1873-1922.

Engraving by Thomas Rowlandson 1756- 1827. From the tour “Search of Consolation” of Dr. Syntax. London, copper engraving are about 1820. Each antique print is about 6”x 9”overall the copper engraving is about 4 ˝” x 7 ˝”. Aquatints by Thomas Rowlandson. Original Hand Colored Prints. Good and interesting subject impressions.

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