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Antique Black & White Prints

Steel Engraving fine Black and White Pictures

Artist: Antique Prints by W. Ridgway, C. Cousen, T. Brown, T.A. Prior and H. Robinson

Circa: 1850- 1895

Size: different as description

Black and White Prints of: Earl of Warwick plus Shakespeare scenes .

Comments: Fine steel and copper engraving.



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    Description Price Stock
1.   A By Path to Chamouni Steel Engraving by T.A.Prior
Item No. 520-8732364
$65.00 1
2.   Back From Marston Moor , Steel Engraving by W. Ridgway
Item No. 121-8732529
$85.00 1
3.   Convent of Lan Martino, near Palermo Sicily
Item No. 274-73853801
$45.00 1
4.   Prince Arther and Hebert , Steel Engraving by D.I. Desvachez
Item No. 945-8732514
$40.00 1
5.   Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York, Steel Engraving by H. Robinson
Item No. 876-8732368
$45.00 1
6.   The Cathedral (Madre Chiesa) at Palemo
Item No. 105-9634943
$35.00 1
7.   The Daughter of Zion, Steel Engraving by W. Greatbach
Item No. 468-8732380
$45.00 1
8.   The Death of the Earl of Warwick , Steel Engraving by T.Brown 1872
Item No. 715-8732503
$85.00 1
9.   The Porta Felice, And Marina Palermo
Item No. 435-8732509
$0.00 0
10.   The Princess Elizabeth in the Tower, Steel Engraving by T.Sherratt
Item No. 350-8732475
$45.00 1
11.   The Sala Regia in the Vatican, Rome
Item No. 856-73857801
$45.00 1
12.   The Town of Convent of Piazza
Item No. 623-73855801
$45.00 1
13.   The Villa Doria Genoa
Item No. 653-73841801
$45.00 1
14.   Twilight in the Woods Engraved by C. Cousen 1870
Item No. 42-8732330
$65.00 1
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This is a wonderful collection of old Antique Prints of Steel engraving many are classic works. In this collection will find that each print is truly a wonderful work of art. All of these Antique Prints are original black and white prints from around 1850 to 1895 and are all steel engravings. Steel replaced copper plates because of the cost of copper and this also allowed the engraving to be used longer because copper would not last anywhere as long as steel would. This collection of steel engravings are by different engravers and the size of plates range from 10x 12 to as large as 12x 14.1/2. The condition is in Fine condition with some with a few browning spots. Engravers include W. Ridgway, H. Robinson, T. A. Prior, C. Cousen, T. Brown and many more.
Included in these black and white prints is everything from dogs to path ways. Black and White Pictures could be the finishing touch that your library or study is looking for.

Steel engraving
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Steel engraving, an engraving technique, based on steel instead of copper or wood. Steel engraving was introduced in 1792 by Jacob Perkins (1766-1849), an American Inventor, for the use of banknote printing. When Perkins moved to London in 1818, the technique in 1820 became adapted by Charles Warren and especially by Charles Heath (1785-1848) for Thomas Campbell's Pleasures of Hope with the first published plates engraved on steel. The new technique only partially replaced the other artistic techniques of that time as wood engraving and lithography. All the illustrations of the Encyclopedia Britannica of 1911 are steel engravings.


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