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Home Welcome to Bills Fine Prints your source for antique botanical prints. Our botanical prints are originals not reproductions. These are original antique flower prints with some of our flower pictures being over 215 years old. The elegance is evident in this selection of flower prints .Looking for wild flower prints we have a nice collection called Farm Weeds by Norman Criddle Circa 1906 .
These prints add warmth and elegance to any decor! We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.


    Description Price Stock
1.   Abutilon by Karl Blossfeldt 1929 Plate 63
Item No. 371-119249812
$70.00 1
2.   Ageratum
Item No. 636-9626947
$20.00 1
3.   Allspice
Item No. 140-8623343
$29.95 1
4.   Alpine Skull-cap, Caucasicus Pink
Item No. 138-130267806
$45.00 1
5.   Alpine Wallflower
Item No. 69-167661820
$25.00 1
6.   Ananassa Sativa Variecata
Item No. 351-9874414
$45.00 1
7.   Anectochilus Rubro-venius
Item No. 821-9873603
$45.00 1
8.   Anectochilus Setaceus
Item No. 919-9874418
$45.00 1
9.   Anectochilus Striatus
Item No. 687-9874420
$45.00 1
10.   Anectochilus Xanthophyllus
Item No. 347-9887516
$45.00 1
11.   Anemones
Item No. 316-7549928
$65.00 1
12.   Annual Scorpion Vetch (coronilla scorpioides koch)
Item No. 491-7158133
$40.95 1
13.   Anthurium Scherzerianum
Item No. 964-167659900
$50.00 1
14.   Aphelandra Leopoldi
Item No. 997-9874429
$45.00 1
15.   Apple Bearing Rose Plant
Item No. 218-7702163
$29.99 1
All prices in Canadian Dollars


Black and White Flowers by Karl Blossfeldt 1929
Orchids by Walter Hood Fitch 1867
Alpine Flowers by David Wooster 1872
Rare Botanicals by Franz Johann Schultz 1801-1802
Botanical by William Mackenzie 1875
American Wild Flowers, Cactus, Lilies by Emma Thayer 1885-1887
Botanical Prints from Encyclopedia Britannica Ninth Edition 1875
English Botany of British Plants by James Sowerby 1804
Farm Weeds of Canada by Norman Criddle 1906
Romance of Nature by Louisa Anne Meredith 1836
American Wild Flowers by Isaac Sprague 1880
German Flowers by Medicus Wilhelm 1893
Flowers with Moth and Butterflies by Henry Noel Humphreys and John Obadiah Westwood 1851
Flowers of the Holy Land by Hanna Zeller 1875
The Flowering Plants, Grasses, Sedges and Ferns of Great Britain by Anne Pratt 1860
Flower Prints by D. Hayes 1842
Familiar Garden Flowers by F.Edward Hulme 1896



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I base what I do in business and in life on a biblical foundation. There are plenty of Print Dealers out there. I thank- you for the chance to serve you, I know you will be satisfied.
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