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Home Old Advertisements can make a fascinating subject for collecting. Product Advertising is the same today as it was some 70 years ago. Vintage Advertisements show you how much something cost back than to what it costs today.
We have a nice collection of Automotive Ads and Truck Ads for your collecting. Check out all our Advertisements, they make an ideal and an inexpensive gift.
These prints add warmth and elegance to any decor! We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.


    Description Price Stock
1.   20th Century Fox Presents "WHAT A WAY TO GO" Staring Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Shirley MacLaine
Item No. 204-172209806
$40.00 1
2.   MGM Presents " Ride With the Outlaws" Staring Joel McCrea
Item No. 163-172207804
$40.00 1
3.   Ronald Colman Loves Celeste Holm in "Champagne for Caesar" presented by Harry Popkin
Item No. 119-172209814
$40.00 1
4.   Universal-International presents "Letter from Unknown Woman" staring Joan Fontaine and Louis Jourdan
Item No. 463-172199810
$40.00 1
5.   Tony Martin endorses "RCA Victor 45"
Item No. 609-172203824
$20.00 1
6.   Clem Murdaugh Motorcycle Champion 1946-1947 cartoon ad for Camel Cigarettes
Item No. 933-172199822
$7.00 1
7.   "Only CHEVROLET is First" - Detroit Michigan
Item No. 169-172199832
$7.00 1
8.   "PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK" from ENCO Gasoline
Item No. 650-172207812
$7.00 1
9.   Spalding Golf Clubs
Item No. 253-172199806
$7.00 1
10.   Texaco Fire-Chief Gasoline (SOLD)
Item No. 506-172203822
$7.00 0
11.   Black and White Blended Scotch Whiskies
Item No. 663-172203836
$7.00 1
12.   Blatz Pilsener Beer (SOLD)
Item No. 992-172203806
$7.00 0
13.   Budweiser Lager Beer
Item No. 377-172203840
$7.00 1
14.   Campbell's Vegetable Soup (SOLD)
Item No. 473-172199818
$7.00 0
15.   "Avoid 5 Oclock Shadow with Gem Razors
Item No. 321-172203810
$7.00 1
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As the owner of Bills Fine Prints I can assure you that I will do all I can to give you the best product for your money. If your not satisfied with the product, I will give you 100% your money back less the cost of shipping and handling.
I base what I do in business and in life on a biblical foundation. There are plenty of Print Dealers out there. I thank- you for the chance to serve you, I know you will be satisfied.
Thank-you for your purchase from Bills Fine Prints.



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