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Antique Botanical Prints

Welcome to our online print gallery. We are pleased to offer this fine and exquisite collection of Antique Botanical Prints by David Wooster of the Royal Horticultural Society done in London about 1872. Every Alpine Flower has the letters A.E. Lydon that is the engraver. This collections are originals, as we sell no reproductions. Each Antique Botanical Print in this collection is a Chromolithograph. The colours are bright and the details are rich, the paper is a little age toned with very few foxing mark, often seen on prints this age. The Antique Botanical Prints in this collection have a almost pastel quality. The Botanical Prints are a nice size about 6 Ĺ inches by 9 Ĺ inches.
By far this is one of the finest collections of Botanical Alpine Prints by David Wooster.
These Botanical Prints are just as great and would be the finishing touch to your rooms dťcor.

    Description Price Stock
1.   Alpine Skull-cap, Caucasicus Pink
Item No. 138-130267806
$45.00 1
2.   Aucherís Crocus, Smooth-leaved Erinus
Item No. 429-130297800
$50.00 1
3.   Bell Flower, Rosy Stonecrop
Item No. 637-130229800
$45.00 1
4.   Bell Flower, Yellow Poppy
Item No. 717-130221800
$45.00 1
5.   Dwarf Mazus, Cranes Bill, Cross Leaved Heath
Item No. 491-130227800
$40.00 1
6.   Hop-flowered Alpine, Snowy-flowered Stenactis
Item No. 430-130289804
$40.00 1
7.   Ladyís Slipper
Item No. 327-130225800
$55.00 1
8.   Ladyís Slipper and Red German Catchfly
Item No. 269-130217802
$40.00 1
9.   Lagascaís Lychnis, Moneywort-leaved Speedwell
Item No. 207-130295806
$45.00 1
10.   Leafy-spiked Orchis
Item No. 350-130279800
$45.00 1
11.   Long-flowered Primrose, Russian Snowdrop
Item No. 28-130291800
$45.00 1
12.   Meadow Saffron
Item No. 877-130289800
$50.00 1
13.   St Vincentís Crocus, Mountain Avens
Item No. 325-130289802
$50.00 1
14.   Tasteless Stonecrop, Scottish Menziesia, Red flowered two leaved Squill
Item No. 760-130287800
$40.00 1
15.   The Aizoon, Late-flowering Catchfly
Item No. 753-130293800
$40.00 1
16.   The Alpine Artemisia, Hostís Campanula
Item No. 700-130267816
$45.00 1
17.   The Alpine Soldannella, Creeping Rooted Hedysarum
Item No. 88-130267812
$45.00 1
18.   The Alpine Soldannella, Creeping Rooted Hedysarum
Item No. 952-130267810
$45.00 1
19.   The Alpine Toad-flax, Scalla-like Puschkinia
Item No. 863-130293802
$45.00 1
20.   The Dense-flowered Fumitory
Item No. 598-130293810
$50.00 1
21.   The Doubled-flowered Common Wood Anemone, Stemless Gentian
Item No. 872-130267826
$50.00 1
22.   The Empetrum-like Menziesia, Rush-leaved Daffodil
Item No. 76-130267818
$50.00 1
23.   The French Pink, Common Bearís-Ear Sanicle
Item No. 949-130295802
$40.00 1
24.   The Naked-flowered Antumnal Crocus, Showy Autumnal Crocus
Item No. 666-130267808
$50.00 1
25.   The Ovate-leaved Pentstemon
Item No. 119-130267830
$45.00 1
26.   The Perennial Yellow Flax, Blue-flowered Houstonia
Item No. 293-130267832
$40.00 1
27.   The Spring Snow-flake
Item No. 183-130293804
$55.00 1
28.   Three Leaved Bitter Cross, Primrose, Acaena
Item No. 895-130225802
$50.00 1
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A brief look into what we carry in the category of Antique Botanical Prints. We have originals by David Wooster published in 1872 as well has other wonderful botanicals. If you choose from this selection a Botanical Prints be assured that the flower picture is an original we sell no reproduction. Included in this fine collections are varieties such as:
Ladyís Slipper, Red German Catchfly, Marjoram Toad-flex, Cobweb Houseleek, Pyrenean Columbine Yellow Poppy, Bell Flower, Two Flowered Linnaea, St John Wort, European Chickweed Yellow Stonecrop, Alpine Aster Dwarf Mazus, Cranes Bill, Cross Leaved Heath, Rosy Stonecrop, Three Leaved Bitter Cross, Primrose, Acaena, Leafy-spiked Orchis ,Long-leaved Saxifrage, Sea-green Whitlow Grass, Bubani Candytuff, Turgid Stonecrop, Marsh Parnassia, Irish Menziesia, Andrews Gentian, Bullocodium-like Merendera, Bilberry-leaved Bistort,Tasteless Stonecrop, Scottish Menziesia, Red flowered two leaved Squill, Meadow Saffron, Long-flowered Primrose, Russian Snowdrop, Alpine Skull-cap, Caucasicus Pink, St Vincentís Crocus, Mountain Avens
Hop-flowered Alpine, Snowy-flowered Stenactis, Alpine Wall-flower, Naked-stalked Milkwort, Andromeda, Naked-flowered Antumnal Crocus, Showy Autumnal Crocus
This collection is sure to impress you and would surly be soothing wall decor."


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